Service Dog Training

Service dogs are integral in the daily lives of those with disabilities. KC Elite Dog Training understands how important it is to have a well-trained and obedient partner for each of these individuals to maintain a more independent lifestyle. Our professional trainers use a variety of methods and tools tailored to the needs of each individual dog to ensure lasting and productive results. No matter the breed or service needs, KC Elite is here to make your partnership with your service dog strong and lasting.

Therapy Dog Training

Training a therapy dog to become calm, affectionate and gentle requires a professional trainer who can offer a gentle touch and a skilled hand. KC Elite is your partner in this process and will guide you through ensuring your therapy dog is comfortable and responsive in his or her new role.

Emotional Support Dog Training

If you or a loved one has an emotional support dog that needs training, we’re here help. Our professional trainers are well versed in obedience training and ensuring your dog is prepared for all real-world experiences. We want you to find comfort in your dog, and in knowing that your dog will respond quickly and appropriately to your commands.

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